Sharing Good Bread

Ile de pain is an artisan bakery producing fine breads on the Garden Route. Markus from ile de pain has developed a steaming implement and baking tray that can help the home baker produce high quality breads.

Here are some thoughts about the t-steam and idp baking tray from Markus:

…steam is generated and covers the rising bread in the critical stage…

…this has never been achieved before in a common household oven…

…the steam roars in the oven, like a vintage motorbike, producing a bread that delights not only the eyes and ears but also the palate as well as the nutritional value one looks for in wholesome, honest food….

…the baking plate is the conclusion of two years of trial and error for the DVD “Bread”. After the successful launch and sale of the DVD “Bread” the inquisitive baking enthusiast wanted more direction for the elusive baguette and ciabatta. Initially I resisted to work on a DVD that is from the outset “setting the viewer up for failure”. With the t-steam bar and the idp baking plate we have made it possible. A real breakthrough for us as well as every artisan baking enthusiast around the world…

…it is amazing to hear grown men describing the crumb structure of a baguette or overhearing deep conversations on the correct use of the “lame” (a specialist cutting devise for dough before baking) to achieve the desired “grigne” (the “ear” that appears on perfectly made baguettes)…

…a pastime and passion embrace by men and women, by young and old. It is a revolution that did not come from nutritionists, the government, or a militant “food group”. It rose from the hearts of every man and women in the desire for honest, good, authentic food which we have come used to for the last 7000 years and have lost in the last 70 years….

I hope that you enjoy these tools!

Be well

The t-steam and baking tray is available at ile de pain and via the ile de pain website.

The Technical Stuff…

The Ultimate Baking Plate

Our re-innovated steel plate is the perfect surface to bake a bold artisan loaf just like the bakers at île de pain (well – almost). The crust on the bottom is the best we have come across. We have tested all sorts of stone, composite, tile… for your success.

Always pre-heat the Ultimate Baking Plate in the oven.

The Ultimate Baking Plate is lightly oiled to protect it from rusting. Keep it in your oven and just dry wipe after baking, or oil it lightly before placing it back in the oven. In case of rusting, scrub it with a dry green pad and oil lightly.

Keep it in the oven at all times during heating and cooling.

The T-steam Bar

Finally you too can re-produce the beautiful, lofty, glossy and open crumbed loaves our bakers get when as a result of a properly steamed oven.

Always pre-heat the T-steam Bar in the oven.

When the oven reached baking temperature, place your dough onto the Ultimate Baking Plate and pour 80 – 100ml of water in the spout. Close the door and wait for the Action!

The T-steam Bar is lightly oiled to prevent it from rusting. Keep it in your oven and just dry wipe after baking, or oil it lightly.

Your Success – Our Pleasure

After years of testing and baking with our students at our Artisan Bread Baking Workshops we have come up with the tools to help the baking enthusiast at home, at a B&B, at a game lodge to be successful in making the best bread possible.

ile de pain – innovation sharing

natural ingredients:    available on our shelves
authentic methods:     through our book and DVD’s
intention and love:      provided by you