Slow Festival Raw Choc workshop

The slightly blustery weather was perfect for the warming raw chocolate tartlet treats of the Slow Festival Raw Chocolate workshop at timberlake. The electricity outage in the area almost stopped the workshop in its tracks, fortunately a battery and power inverter were sourced and the show could go on.

It all started with an introduction into Raw chocolate by Tevon Thom. Tevon described the difference between the harvesting and processing of raw chocolate and conventional chocolate before it gets to the chocolate factory. Stories from the jungle of Bolivia left you with a visual image of the small cacao trees and the pods that contain the cacao beans. interesting facts such as the seven times more antioxidants contained in raw chocolate and the delicate chemical compounds that associate chocolate with love and the health of your heart were explained. The biggest advantage of raw chocolate, according to Tevon, was the ability to avoid refined white sugar when making your own raw chocolate.

The demo then commenced in earnest with Karin Kruger, from Healthy Living health shop in George, taking the stage to demonstrate how to make raw chocolate tartlets. Everybody got their own tartlet to taste and could follow along with their own recipe guide. Karin, who is an expert on health in her own right, gave the benefits of the different ingredients as they were being added and explained practical tips that would certainly be helpful when making them on your own. Her trick to add avocado without getting your hands messy was certainly interesting! After watching Karin make the tarlets it was clear that the whole process was easier and quicker than making a traditional chocolate cake. Everybody agreed that the results were certainly worth the effort!

Slow Festival would like to thank Karin for her time and effort in bringing the workshop together and also the Slow Festinos who attended and made it into the wonderful workshop that it turned out to be. Here is looking forward to next years Slow Festival chocolate workshop!