The Windmill Cafe’

We are happy to announce that the New Coffee Shop has reopened. Welcome to the Windmill Cafe’.

Contact: (044) 8821211

The namesake of timberlake’s wooden windmill, the Windmill Cafe’, is set to become a traditional picnic style breakfast and lunch stop on the Garden Route. Quick and easy, presenting small plates of South African inspired and local artisan foods: cured meats by local producers, homemade preserves, local cheeses, organic greens, veg and chicken kebabs, pate’s and dips, all centered around 3 fantastic breads: ciabatta, Aidens rye bread and the Windmill’s homebaked traditional potbrood. The peach, apricot & cinnamon, plum & lemon zest preverves to be spread generously on your potbrood are all natural and handmade from the stone fruit trees on Stephan and Lyndsay’s farm!

The idea is to offer a unique family outing with easy picnic style menu offerings, healthy drinks and an appealing kiddies menu. The inside of the cabin has now been converted into a food display, coffee bar and waiting area where all food and drinks can be ordered, paid for and received. An easy experience with many tastes on offer. We look forward to seeing you there!