Country Deli

For South African style take-aways such as roosterkoek, fresh baked breads, veg straight from the farm and home made tomato chutney. Country Deli is all about home-made traditional goodness…

Owners Dawn and Maritzi bake the majority of the products for sale in the Country Deli’s onsite kitchen. Maritzi’s chocolate chip cookies, the lemon meriangue tartlets baked daily on weekends and Dawns pickled carrots are well on their way to becoming famous additions to the Garden Route.

Home-made pies can be bought fresh from the oven or frozen (individually or in a pack of 6 for R90) and reheated at home alongside a little salad (hopefully picked from your backyard garden) for a quick no fuss meal. Pensioners receive a 10% discount on all pies!

Next time try Dawns new date balls made on-site in the Country Deli Kitchen.