Future Sustainability Projects

Once you know that sustainability is an important concept for the future, it is difficult to move in an unsustainable direction. At timberlake we want to celebrate sustainability in a way that creates a substantial impact, inspires our visitors, and examples sustainablility on the Garden Route.

timberlake is now firmly established as a lifestyle centre on the Garden Route, South Africa. The Garden Route being a beautiful and accessible area in South Africa renowned for its pristine beaches, indigenous forests and nature reserves.

Apart from timberlakes existing Green initiatives which include recycling grey water, composting all organic waste from our eating venues, growing organic vegetables and using no synthetic chemicals on the property, the projects that timberlake is preparing to undertake include:

– Eco-accommodation.
– Re-establishment of indigenous forest on Southern slopes.
– Enhanced rain water catchment.
– Conversion to renewable energy.
– Ongoing alien clearing.

If any of the projects are of interest to you and you would like to be involved in a legacy project, with sufficient impact to make people aware of the Environmental issues that we face and inspires change, please contact us to find out more.