Ingrid Nuss Artist

Ingrid Nuss Fine Art at Timberlake.

Our lush natural setting along this pristine coastline has always been the greatest inspiration to my art production. Even while traveling and working around different beautiful places in the world, there was always something that drew my heart back to the Garden Route. This location breathes certain energy which draws me closer to what I feel life’s essence holds. Art and creativity have connected me to a purpose and way to add meaning to this existence, and being able to fuse it with my connection to nature in the Garden Route something magical happens every time I paint. 

I have mostly been painting from a home studio since I returned from my working travels and enjoyed the solitude whilst producing. After noticing the creative energy at timberlake, it really made me realize how important it is for an artist to share their creativity with other artists and the public. It inspires, motivates and encourages one’s creative juices to keep flowing, evolving and growing. 

The setting of my studio-gallery at timberlake with its cozy wooden huts and overgrown foresty feel is true to the Garden Route’s allure. There are also resident monkeys which so comically remind you that you are in the midst of nature. I officially opened 1st of October 2019. Please come pop in, say hi! I’d love to share my creative passion with you all. Thanks, Timberlake for enabling this.