The Best Way

The best way to become and stay healthy is to look after your digestive system…

“It has been estimated that around 80-85% of our immunity is located in the gut wall.”*

if that is not enough to get your attention…

“…an immune system in a body with abnormal bacterial flora is exposed to a whole host of extremely toxic substances, many of which damage immunity.”*

We feel that the best way to host beneficial bacterial flora and protect your immune system is to eat fermented organic vegetables.

We have tried many ways of making sauerkraut and feel that this is the best resource to get you going…

Simple Sauerkraut recipe.

1306438665463Sauerkraut in bowl

Here is to your good health and happiness.


*Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, (Medinform Publishing, Cambridge, 2012), page 31.